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How to configure a sitemaps XML file?

There are 2 sitemap formats:
- sitemap, a standalone XML file with an enumeration of the pages on the website
- sitemapsindex, a collection of previously named XML files with a reference to standalone sitemaps.

A sitemap is exceptionally suited for, for example, news websites and online stores. It is recommended to create an automated process in the scheduler, which will frequently compose a fresh sitemap based on - for example - actual news items or new products from the database.

It is recommended to save the sitemaps in the automated process as static files, so the search engine does not have to wait for the database queries when retrieving the sitemaps, but will retrieve this from the static sitemaps XML file which has already been created in the background by the scheduler.

For useful examples of Sitemap XML implementations please visit our Sitemap XML example page.

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